Tuvalu the least visited island nation in the world

Tuvalu islands in the south pacific (midway between Hawaii and Australia) in the Polynesian region is believed to be the least visited island nation in the world. The number of yearly visitors are just approx 2000. Tuvalu became fully independent within the Commonwealth on 1 October 1978. On 5 September 2000, Tuvalu became the 189th member of the United Nations. Tuvalu actually has the worlds least visited beaches. At an elevation of only 15 feet, rising sea levels are a serious threat for Tuvalu.

Tuvalu comprises 9 islands which make up a total 26 square kilometres and its population is just 10640 (as per 2012 census)

Various islands in Tuvalu include :

Nui (atoll)
Nukufetau (atoll)
Funafuti (atoll)
Nukulaelae (atoll)

Funafuti is the capital city of Tuvalu and has only 6000 people living. (as per 2012 census)
This is the official site of Tuvalu Governement https://tuvalugovernment.tv/