how tall are americans compared to their neighbours?

Average american male is 5' 9" tall which comes out to be 175.4 cm while female is around 5' 3.5" ie 161.5 cm. The height mainly varies due to race/ethinicity but there are other factors like childrens who are malnourished or suffer from serious illness suffer the most. Also the height of parents (foreparents) offcourse impact the growth. A child from a shorter parents are recommended to  try various height increasing exercises and take proper diet.

The tallest person in USA was Robert Pershing Wadlow who was born in Alton, Illinois USA with 267 cm, 8 ft 9 in height.

Canadian males are 1 inch taller than americans which is 5' 10" compared to americans while canadian females are 5' 4".
Average Mexicans males are 5' 5.7" while females are 5' 1.1".
The tallest males are from The Neatherlands which stands out to be 6 feet (182.5 cm) and women are from Latvia which is 5' 7". The shortest males are from East Timor which is 5' 3" (160 cm) and shortest female are found in guatemala which is just 4' 10" (149.1 cm)